Sorrento Therapeutics?is developing Antibody Formulated Drug Conjugates or AfDC technology as foundation for next-generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), a promising drug class that combines specific tumor targeting with the delivery of potent oncolytic therapeutics. As foundation for our AfDC, Sorrento acquired IG-004 (formerly known as?TOCOSOL?-paclitaxel), a tocopheryl polyethelyene glycol succinate (?TPGS?)-based drug formulation from IGDRASOL. IG-004 has been clinically-validated and completed Phase II trials in NSCLC, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer and bladder cancer as well as completed Phase III studies in MBC in the US and/or ex-US.

While ADCs are an improved therapeutic approach to combat cancer, current ADC technology has limitations, such as required prodrug synthesis, development of linker and drug release strategies, potential systemic toxicities upon premature drug release and requirement of ADC internalization into the tumor cell for efficient anti-cancer effect.

These bottlenecks are addressed by our proprietary AfDC technology, including rapid generation of AfDC therapeutics, greater flexibility for mAb-drug combinations, targeting of the tumor site rather than individual cancer cells, higher avidity for target cells via multiple antibody molecules per AfDC, and potentially increased cytotoxic payload including delivery of one or more distint oncolytic drugs into the tumor.

The significant therapeutic promise of ADCs, together with increasing biopharma interest in ADC-type technologies and a validated regulatory approval pathway, create an exciting opportunity for developing improved, next-generation AfDC candidates.

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