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Salman M. Hyder, PhD

Salman M. Hyder, Ph.D is Zalk Missouri Professor of Tumor Angiogenesis and Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences. His overall aim is to identify hormone dependent molecular targets, and selective steroid receptor modulators, that can be utilized for anti-angiogenic therapy of endocrine dependent disease such as breast, uterine and prostate cancer. Formation of new blood vessels, or angiogenesis, is crucial for normal processes such as embryonic development, wound healing, and endometrial regeneration following menstruation. Angiogenesis is also essential for tumor growth and metastasis. An emerging field in cancer therapeutics is the targeting of new blood vessels to curtail tumor growth. It has been known for a while that breast and uterine cancers are under the influence of female sex-steroid hormones (estrogen and progesterone), and that expansion of any tumor is dependent on the formation of new blood vessels. Another focus of Hyder's laboratory is to investigate the molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone action with a current focus on the role of natural and synthetic ligands in modulating the biological activity of steroid receptors. Hyder's interest in this area stems from the fact that one ligand can have diverse biological effects in different target tissues. While ligands may function as agonists in one tissue, the same ligand may have an opposite effect in another tissue that contains the same steroid receptor. Hyder is examining if cross-talk mechanisms involve alternative pathways (e.g. MAP Kinase), resulting in non-ligand dependent activation/inhibition of certain receptors. He anticipates that understanding the molecular basis/pharmacology of anti-hormone-receptor interactions will allow development of better therapeutic modalities for treatment of hormone dependent tumors, as well as endometriosis, osteoporosis and infertility.