Wiping out Metastasizing Cancer

Biomedical engineers at Cornell University inIthaca in New York, NY have discovered a new way to destroy metastasizing cancer cells traveling through the bloodstream by hitching cancer-killing proteins along for a ride on life-saving white blood cells. In this illustration: the Natural?Killer?Cells?concept:?nanoscale?liposomes?with?TRAIL?protein?(in?green)?attach?to?the?surface?of?white?blood?cells,?and?are?available?in?the?blood?flow?to?bump?into?cancer?cells?and?program?them?to?die. Photo: Michael King,Ph.D, professor of biomedical engineering Cornell University, [1][2][3]

Illustration 1: E-selectin/TRAIL?liposomes?attach?to?the?surface?of?leukocytes?in?the?blood,?and?then?induce?cancer?cell?death?through?surface?contact.  The schematic shows the two-step mechanism involving decoration of leukocytes with liposomes (A), which then contact circulating cancer cells and activate the death receptor (B).

For more information:
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Illustrations: Melissa Osgood, Cornell University inIthaca in New York, NY. Courtesy: Cornell University inIthaca in New York, NY.

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