Despite availability of endocrine therapies for advanced or metastatic breast cancer, there remains a critical unmet need for more effective and convenient treatment options that improve both the patient experience and health outcomes.

In today’s episode of The Onco’Zine Brief, Peter Hofland, Ph.D. talks with Sean P. Bohen, MD, Ph.D., the president and Chief Executive Officer of Olema Oncology.

Olema Oncology is developing new treatment option designed to improve outcomes for women with metastatic breast cancer.

Researchers at Olema leverage their deep understanding of endocrine-driven cancers, nuclear receptors, and mechanisms of acquired resistance, to achieve their goal of transforming the standard of care for women living with cancer by focusing on developing more convenient and effective therapies.

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The company’s lead investigational drug is OP-1250.

This drug is a novel oral compound with combined activity as both an advanced complete estrogen receptor antagonist, or a CERAN, that completely blocks the estrogen receptor and the signaling pathway, and a selective estrogen receptor degrader, or SERD. This approach is expected to drive deeper, more durable responses than currently available therapies.

Sean P. Bohen, M.D., Ph.D. has served as Chief Executive Officer of Olema Oncology and a member of the Board of Directors since September 2020.

OP-1250 is currently in development as a treatment for estrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer (ER+/HER2- MBC), in both monotherapy and combination settings.

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Clinical trials

  • Phase 1b Combo w/ Ribociclib and Alpelisib | NCT05508906
  • A Phase 1 Study of Oral OP-1250 in Combination With Palbociclib in HR+/HER2- Breast Cancer Patients – NCT05266105
  • A Dose Escalation/Expansion Study of Oral OP-1250 in Subjects With Advanced and/or Metastatic HR+, HER2- Breast Cancer – NCT04505826

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