Sponsorship: Reaching New Heights

All sponsorship programs follow one unique and simple guiding principle: We only create paid sponsorship programs that benefit both our community of? healthcare professionals and our corporate underwriters/sponsors.

Onco’Zine and The Onco’Zine Brief on PRX have brought together thousands of influential healthcare professionals and health activists (patients) and many of the world?s leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies to:

Validate concepts
Sponsor concepts, online content and educational programs are validated through healthcare professional/KOLs and health activist insights:

  • Facilitate online professional healthcare and health activist research panels
  • Create advisory boards with health care professionals
  • Create advisory boards with health activist/patients advisory boards
  • Survey influential healthcare KOL/healthcare professionals
  • Survey health activists/patients

Companies gain valuable insights from both professional healthcare?experts/KOLs as well as healthcare advocates/patient opinion leaders.

Educate healthcare professionals and health activists/patients
Ongoing (medical education) is important for healthcare professionals and healthcare activists. Both will be instrumental in educating their own communities:

  • Develop online educational programs and resources for healthcare professionals and health activists/patients
  • Host and promote sharing micro sites
  • Design webinars with leading healthcare professionals and healthcare activists/patients
  • Enlist healthcare activists for content creation

Leading physicians and healthcare activists (patients) gain valuable content to bring back to? their communities. Companies educate thousands of healthcare professionals through trusted healthcare activist/patient.

Activating an unified voice

  • Voice healthcare activists/patient concerns in the ongoing development of new therapeutic developments
  • Publish and share vetted sponsor education to healthcare activists/patient communities
  • Fund the participation of healthcare activist/patient attendance at medical meetings and events
  • Encourage social sharing of vetted medical and healthcare content

As part of our unique programs, companies reach millions of patients with key messages of empowerment. Via healthcare activists patient communities these messages are multiplied via their individual audience from thousands per month to millions.

Every healthcare activist participant in a sponsored program is made fully aware of who they are working with and how they can use their experience with Onco’Zine and The Onco’Zine Brief on PRX to empower their communities. Every sponsored program or advertisement is clearly marked and all sponsored content (including ads, videos, and landing pages) will always be identified.

Radio: The Onco’Zine Brief on PRX
Corporate underwriters of Onco’Zine and The Onco’Zine Brief on PRX receive exposure to a targeted, valuable audience of healthcare professionals (HCPs), including oncologists and hematologists, involved in the management and care of patients with cancer, oncology nurses, executives medical & healthcare organizations and facilities, patient advocates (including patients and cancer survivors) and influential citizens in an uncluttered, editorially compatible environment.

Our editors regularly collaborates with professional medical (oncology and hematology) societies and international cancer/patient advocacy communities worldwide, to create and produce innovative content designed to teaches and inspire.

Today, along with The Onco’Zine Brief we produce Cancer News Radio? and?Meet the Professor?, our?clinical news programs, featuring discussions with the world?s leading oncologists, researchers, oncology nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Understanding the Complexity of Cancer
Onco’Zine and The Onco’Zine Brief help people understand the complexity of the world of medicine and make informed healthcare decisions by enabling them to “Understand the Facts?. With our?programming we provides a trusted environment for your brand and product messages.

Sponsorship is especially effective when editorial content is aligned with sponsors? corporate/product brand message. Onco’Zine and The Onco’Zine Brief strategically strengthen this unique brand-matching approach by offering:

A unique environment
Onco’Zine and The Onco’Zine Brief offer category exclusivity to sponsors/underwriters and limits the number of credits in each program to three. We help each underwriter/sponsor make the most of the sponsorship by developing messages that can be rotated to highlight product and corporate initiatives

Add on in Beyond Broadcasts
In addition to on-air and podcast credits in our clinical news programs (Cancer News Radio  and Meet the Professor) and contributed programs, major sponsors and corporate underwriters receive access to a number of Beyond broadcast custom components like presence on our websites and digital aggregation platforms, social media pages, host visits and content sharing. We work with every sponsor and corporate underwriter to develop a comprehensive package that will meet their specific needs.

Onco’Zine Audience profile:

  • 51% male, 49% female;
  • 27% senior management, 17% VP level and 26% management;
  • Median age 47.8;
  • Median household income $108,950 (USA);
  • 87% have a Bachelor?s Degree or higher (compared to 27% of the U.S. total);
  • 79% have a professional in medicine or medical research, healthcare or pharmaceutical industry.

Functions within medical/healthcare or pharmaceutical:

  • 31% Medical Practice;
  • 21% Hospital Healthcare;
  • 21% Pharmaceutical;
  • 11% Biotech;
  • 09% Medical Education;
  • 07% Medical Research.

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Audience profile data based on RpF/McDermott Media Research (New York | Paris) 2016

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