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About The Scientific Narratives

The Scientific Narratives and Summary of Scientific Narratives produced by Sunvalley Communication for publication online in Onco?Zine ? The International Cancer Network cover approved drugs and biological used in an anticancer chemotherapeutic regimen. The opinions expressed in these narratives are those of the contributing authors and are not to be construed as the opinion or recommendations by the manufactures and/or distributors of the pharmaceutical agents included.

Scientific Narratives are intended to provide healthcare professionals with information:

  • The Summary of Scientific Narrative is based on published medical literature, public information and information sources from US and European regulatory authorities;
  • This information contained in the Summary of Scientific Narratives is not necessarily approved in all countries or territories around the world and does not include all the information needed to prescribe or use any of the products included;
  • All recommendations must be considered in the light of the patients? clinical condition. Before prescribing any medication always consult the complete prescribing information for your country or territory;
  • The clinical procedures described and recommended in the Scientific Narratives are based on published clinical research and consultation with medical specialists and legal authorities;
  • All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Information resources used
Health professionals, patients and the general public require accurate, objective and complete information on approved prescription medication used to treat patients and to ensure safe and effective use. In developing our Scientific Narratives, the editorial team uses the following key resources:

  • Highlights of Prescribing Information. This information is used by healthcare professionals in North America, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.  This information contained in these ?Highlights? explains how to use and prescribe the medicine
  • SPC, or SmPC, stands for Summary of Product Characteristics. The SPC is used by healthcare professionals in Europe, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and explains how to use and prescribe the medicine.
  • Product Monograph: Complete, factual, scientific overview developed by the drug?s manufacturer that specifies the properties, claims, indications, contraindications, conditions and directions of use a specific prescription drug.  The product Monograph also addresses off-label use and ongoing clinical research. Generally developed by the drug?s manufacturer, it may or may not be developed according to certain regulatory guidelines.
  • PIL: PIL stands for Patient Information Leaflet for human medicines: This is the leaflet provided with all medicines and is typically used in Europe. It is produced by the manufacturer of the medicine. The information contained in this leaflet is regulated by law.
  • A package insert or prescribing information.  This document, typically used in North America is provided along with the prescription medication to provide additional information about that medicine.
  • Medical (peer reviewed) literature.

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Last update: June 6, 2011