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Onco’Zine – the International Oncology Network takes advantage of the latest online technologies in development, content management, design and ad-serving.  This results in great benefits such as:

  • Increased speed and flexibility to develop new digital products
  • Better integration of ad units with our industry leading editorial
  • More and refined ad-targeting capabilities
  • Enhanced search engine optimization for more targeted traffic
  • Better user engagement resulting in longer time on site and more page views per visit
  • A new internal search engine to keep readers engaged with relevant content.

Onco’Zine – the International Oncology Network continues to provide an interactive online experience for users, seamlessly integrating rich media with social media to connect with communities of industry leaders for an extended healthcare reach within the oncology and hematology community.

Basic Online | Rich Media

  • Leaderboard Top Position (728×90)
    Run-of-site; File size limit 40KB
  • Medium Rectanlge Position (300×250)
    Run-of-site; File size limit 40KB 

For information on advertising, ad rates, and inquiries about sponsoring please contact:

Nick Richardson (Director of Business Development)
Phone (UK): +44 7950 180 161
Phone (North America) +1 480 432 5412
or Email Nick Richardson at InPress Media Group, LLC

Advertising Policy
Click here to review our guidelines and advertising policys and products from the publisher that are of interest to physicians.

Advertising Format
Ads on Onco’Zine conform with standard sizes suggested by the voluntary Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). We accept ads that appear in the left-hand and right-hand column (Medium Ractangle), at the top and bottom of the page (Leaderboard). Selcte ads may appear between slected section of main editorial column. Along with paid ads, “Onco’Zine house ads” are placed on the site to help promote various service and bring awareness to medical meetings.

Note: Advertisers who want to advertise must ensure their ads meet the our principles for advertising. Advertising generates revenue that helps support the InPress Media Group’s ability to provide high-quality information.