Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. ?in was founded 1997 for the purpose of developing and commercializing an extensive line of products for companies involved in drug discovery and diagnostic development programs. ?The company’s products are based on ?proprietary discrete polyethylene glycol (dPEG?) chemistries, including a the processes for making these compounds. ?The single molecular weight ethylene glycol conjugation technology, dPEG?eliminates common problems found in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products, such as aggregation and non-specific interactions, poor water solubility, poor delivery, delivery issues/options, short serum half-life, toxicity and antigenicity.

Like traditional PEGs, Quanta BioDesign’s products contain a hydrophilic, water-soluble backbone consisting of repeating ethylene oxide units. However unlike traditional PEGs each of the company’s products represents a single compound with a unique, specific, single molecular weight (MW). ?Quanta BioDesign’s products are synthesized from pure building blocks (e.g. triethylene glycol or tetraethylene glycol) in a series of step-wise reactions to provide specific MWs, architectures, functional groups, and organic moieties suited for a wide variety of applications. These products have now been used for the modification of therapeutic macromolecules, as linkers in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), for bioconjugation of biologics, for surface modification, and in diagnostics.

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