Immunoconjugates are currently a growing therapeutic class for the treatment of cancer. These molecules combine a protein (of biological origin) with a cytotoxic agent (of synthetic or plant origin) and direct active (cytotoxic) substances to the very heart of a tumorous cell without affecting healthy cells.

Research teams at le Centre d?Immu-nologie Pierre Fabre(CIPF;?Pierre Fabre immunology center), a subsidiary of the Pierre Fabre Group, discover, develop and evaluating these molecules, combining the company’s expertise of targeted biotherapeutics, cytotoxic agents and the chemical engineering.

The Centre d’Immunologie Pierre Fabre?develops research programs in the field of cancer immunotherapy and biotherapy, in particular in the identification of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic purposes. Inaugurated in 1990, the CIPF has gained notoriety through the discover of the powerful role of recombinant protein production and bacterial biomass. Long focused on vaccine approaches, since 2003 CIPF refocused research on the discovery and characterization monoclonal antibodies in oncology.

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