Peter Hofland | Executive Editor | Publisher

Peter Hofland, the executive editor and publisher of ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates has directed multiple teams of medical journalists and editors for nearly 20 years.

His strength lies in the distinct ability to develop and shape focused communications by cutting through the noise to present clear, concise, easy-to-understand ?translations? of complex concepts.

A prolific writer with an extensive body of published medical and IT-related articles, Hofland put this experience to good use as co-founder and editor-in-chief of Onco?zine, an online publication that has become the knowledge and innovation nerve center to oncology physicians around the world, as well as ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates, a peer reviewed journal focusing on all aspects of Antibody-drug Conjugates or ADCs.

Hofland also served as publisher of the Journal of Health and Productivity, a peer-reviewed journal. As the medical director and editorial consultant for Kiterocket, Hofland works with clients in the Life Science Lab to define their communications strategies. Prior to his life in Arizona, Peter was Associate Scientific Director (Oncology/Hematology) at Publicis Healthcare Communications in New York City, NY.

A long-time contributor to the world of broadcasting, Hofland takes time every week to produce a radio segment as US correspondent for a Dutch-language radio show broadcast on Paradise FM, on the island of Cura?ao (NA), and worldwide via the internet. Together with Sonia Portillo he is the host of The Onco’Zine Brief and a weekly radio broadcast about cancer and cancer treatment. Hofland holds a PhD in Medical Science, and is a member of the American Medical Writers Association, the Netherlands Association of (Professional) Journalists, and the European Medical Writers Association.

When away from the writing desk or broadcasting booth, Hofland enjoys hiking the Grand Canyon (National Park) or SanTan Mountains (Regional Park), and traveling to Mexico and Spain. He wholeheartedly supports the Livestrong Foundation and loves his family and their zest for learning.

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Last editorial review: June 21, 2016