Oncology TV

In the coming years many new oncology drugs and therapies will be available to treat and manage patients with cancer. ?Oncology TV is a new information platform for the medical professional and discusses the treatment of various cancers.?

Oncology TV is an initiative of Quadia Online Video, the leading video training and information for medical professionals and patients. The programs and courses in Oncology TV, produced in close collaboration with a medical editorial advisory board, are available in Dutch?and English.

Oncology TV broadcasts live from major international medical conferences. Together with congress delegates study results are discussed. ?The delegates also discuss the translation of the latest medical advances into the routine of clinical practice.

All previously recorded programs ?from previous conferences are available online.

Network Channels

Quadia develops and produces formats and channels which enable clients to target and serve specific groups at home and abroad, while, at the same time, making optimal use of the interactive possibilities of the Internet and the measurability of the client’s objectives.

  • Oncologie TV?(Dutch)/Oncology TV (English)
    A target group channel for medical oncologists, where viewers find the latest news about cancer treatment, as well as news items, e-learning, master classes and reports.
  • Haematology TV
    A European target group channel for medical haematologists, where specialists find breaking news, news items, e-learning videos, master classes and reports.
  • Breast Cancer TV
    A target group channel for medical oncologists, where viewers find the latest news about breast cancer treatment, news items, e-learning, master classes and reports.
  • Med Talks
    A target group channel for medical professionals filled with news items, e-learning, master classes, reports and breaking news.

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