European Cancer Congress | ECC 2013 – The Optimal Approach to the Treatment of Cancer

During the European Cancer Congress , being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 27 – October 1, 2013, researchers and scientists presented many studies representing significant progress toward the optimal approach to the treatment of many cancers.

Onco’Zine – The International Oncology Network,  offers readers a brief selection and summary of  the  sessions from the European Cancer Congress | ECC 2013 which was organised by ECCO in partnership with ESTRO, ESMO, ESSO, EACR, EONS and SIOPE.

The European Cancer Congress in the main multidisciplinary and multi-professional educational opportunity in oncology to take place in Europe ? a fact that underpins the relevance, role and participation of each and every speciality in oncology. 

This year, the program emphasized the growing importance of an integrated multidisciplinary — optimal — approach to the management of cancer, the increasing importance of personalized treatment of cancer determined by biological variables. Studies were presented about the the morbidity and mortality associated with the specific modalities of treatment, and, in a world were money does play a role, physicians were told that it is no longer acceptable to ignore the importance of economic consequences and resource implications of treatments and the societal concern associated with this.

September 28, 2013

  • Patients with Advanced HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Live Longer Without Their Disease Worsening in New Phase III Study with Ado-trastuzumab Emtansine [Article]
  • Ipilimumab Offers Survival Benefit for Patients with Advanced Melanoma [Article]
  • Survival in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Improved by Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy [Article]
  • Radiation Therapy to the Lymph Node Improves Survival in Patients with Early Breast Cancer [Article]
  • Patients with Diabetes have an Increased Risk of Developing and Dying from Breast and Colon Cancer [Article]
  • Study Confirms Everolimus Slows Disease Progression in Advanced Papillary Kidney Cancer [Article]
  • Cancer Survival Strongly Associated with Healthcare Spending [Article]
  • High Risk of Disease Progression and Death in Young Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer [Article]
  • ‘Irrefutable? Evidence Shows that Colorectal Cancer Screening Works [Article]

September 29, 2013

  • Investigational Cancer Immunotherapy MPDL3280A (anti-PDL1) Shows Promising Results In Lung Cancer [Article]
  • Organized Prostate Cancer Screening with PSA-test does More Harm than Good [Article]
  • Aspirin may Act on Blood Platelets to Improve Survival in Colon Cancer Patients [Article]

September 30, 2013

  • Combining Radiotherapy with a Novel Anti-cancer Drug APG101 may Offer new Treatment Option for Patients with Glioblastoma [Article]
  • Cediranib Improves Survival in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer [Article]
  • For the First Time Researchers have been able to Estimate the Daily Dose of Radiotherapy Wasted in Compensating for Tumor Growth Between Treatments [Article]
  • Report Shows Tackling Disparities in Cancer Care Worldwide Urgently Needed [Article]
  • ESMO Launches Unique Study on the Challenges of Female Medical Oncologists [Article]

October 1, 2013

  • Large Variations in Post-surgery Death Rates for Esophageal and Gastric Cancers Leads to European Initiative to Improve Outcomes [Article]
  • Preliminary Trial Results Suggest Genomic Testing may Allow Many Patients with Early Breast Cancer to Safely Avoid Chemotherapy [Article]

Video Interviews/Reports

  • Professor Giuseppe Giaccone, MD. PhD, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and its clinical affiliates within the MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network [Video]
  • Professor Alan Horwich, PhD, FRCP, FFR FRCSI (Hon), Fell. Acad Med Sci, a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden in London, UK. [Video]
  • James Larkin, MA, FRCP, PhD, a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the The Royal Marsden in London, UK. [Video]
  • Professor Jonathan Ledermann, B.Sc., MD, FRCP, UCH Gynaecological Cancer Centre/North London Cancer Network in London, UK [Video]
  • Timothy Perren, MD FRCP, a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds, UK [Video]
  • Gerhardt Attard, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Institute for Cancer Research, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK. [Video]
  • Professor Caroline Robert, MD, Institute Gustave-Roussy, Paris, France. [Video]

Educational Book
The Educational Book from ECC 2013 is published as a supplement to the European Journal of Cancer. [Download]

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