Continuing Medical Education/Continued Education(CME/CE)

A healthcare professional’s continuing educational development iscritical to keeping up with new advances in medicine and withongoing changes in the delivery of health care.

To help healthcare professionals, maintain, develop and increasetheir knowledge, skills and performance and relationships they useto provide services for or assist their patients, the public,Sunvalley Communication offers a number of resources that include awide range of links to CME/CE activities designed to fosterlifelong learning.

Onco’Zine, The International Cancer Network and/or SunvalleyCommunication does not provide CME/CE cources. Available resourcesare maintained by third-party CME/CE providers. Their content isnot owned or controlled by Onco’Zine and/or its publisher SunvalleyCommunication.

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Last update: May 16, 2011