AbstractHypnosis is an excellent intervention tool for the treatment of injuredand ill workers with respect to learned helplessness, disability behaviorand many of the physical and emotional symptoms experienced by injuredworkers. Assistance with stress and coping with external stressors, chronicpain, insomnia, depression and fostering a positive mental attitude are allwell documented applications of hypnosis. A self-hypnosis training regi-men offered by properly trained and certified hypnosis professionals offersan opportunity for a brief and measurable intervention, resulting in alikelihood of positive impact on the injured or ill worker, with none of therisks traditionally associated with psychological intervention in workers?compensation cases.—-Specific requests for a copy of the article should be addressed to:Bob@uncommonapproach.com and we will see to it that an electronic copy is made available.Otherwise the article is available at http://www.iaiabc.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3616—-

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