, a social networking and navigation platform used worldwide by more than 250,000 cancer patients and caregivers, has launched a COVID19 focused support group on its app, Belong-Beating Cancer Together.

Photo 1.0: Daniel A. Vorobiof, MD, the Chief Medical Director of Belong.Life, is a medical oncologist since 1980.

The group called “Cancer and Coronavirus” allows members of the free and anonymous app to pose questions to Daniel A. Vorobiof, M.D., Belong’s Medical Director and receive a response within 24 hours.

Questions in the group touch on several subjects, including treatment in light of COVID9, increased risks and social distancing considerations.

Sample topics discussed in the group include whether outdoor activities are advisable in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and how long after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, patients should worry about being immunocompromised.

Group members can also interact with each other and provide support during what is a complicated and stressful time for cancer patients undergoing treatments and for those in remission.

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Cancer patients are particularly affected by COVID19 due to the immunosuppressive state caused by their malignancy and ongoing anticancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Cancer patients also have a higher risk of developing severe symptoms if they contract COVID19.

“The development of the COVID19 pandemic has inflicted a major setback to health and economic systems across the world,” Vorobiof said.

“As the health system adjusts and reorganizes itself and as workloads on medical teams increase, it is important that no one gets lost in the mix. The Belong Cancer and Coronavirus group provides up-to-date information that will evolve as we learn more about the interaction between cancer and coronavirus,” he added.

“At the same time, it provides the cancer patients with immediate and relevant answers to their questions, while taking the pressure off oncologists by ensuring that patients come better prepared to their appointments,” Vorobiof concluded.

The Belong Cancer and Coronavirus group is one of many groups and tools that Belong provides for cancer patients and caregivers to better navigate the different steps of their cancer journey

You can download the app here (Android) or here (iOS) and join the group.

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