Advertising Policy

The following guidelines have been established bySunvalley Communication to govern various aspects of Advertising onthe Sunvalley Communication Network of Sites, which includes Sitesdirected to consumers, which we refer to as the “SunvalleyCommunication Consumer Sites,” and Sites directed to healthcareprofessionals, which we refer to as the “Sunvalley CommunicationProfessional Sites,” which includes Onco’Zine, The internationalCancer Network. As used herein, the terms “Advertising” and”Advertisements” include third party banners, badges, contextualAdvertising, Sponsored Content, and Promotions.

The guidelines in this policy govern issues like acceptance ofAdvertisements and Promotions by Sunvalley Communication, howAdvertisements and Promotions are displayed on the SunvalleyCommunication Network, and the removal of Advertisements andPromotions from the Sunvalley Communication Network. SunvalleyCommunication has sole and absolute discretion with respect tointerpretation and enforcement of this policy and all other issuesassociated with Advertising on the Sunvalley Communication Network.Sunvalley Communication may change this policy at any time in itssole discretion by posting a revised policy to the applicableSunvalley Communication Site.

1. Sunvalley Communication has sole discretion for determining thetypes of Advertising that will be accepted and displayed on theSunvalley Communication Network, and under no circumstances willSunvalley Communication’s acceptance of any Advertisement beconsidered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s)advertised or for the company that manufactures, distributes, orpromotes the products or services.

2. Sunvalley Communication will not accept Advertising that, inSunvalley Communication’s opinion, is not factually accurate and ingood taste.

3. There are certain categories of advertisements that SunvalleyCommunication will not permit on the Sunvalley CommunicationNetwork at any time. These categories include but are not limitedto the following:

– illegal or objectionable products
– fraudulent, deceptive, illicit, misleading or offensivematerial
– material that misrepresents, ridicules, discriminates (real orimplied) or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age,national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation,marital status, disability or any other status deemed inappropriatefor the Sunvalley Communication Network
– alcohol
– weapons, firearms, ammunition, or fireworks
– gambling
– pornography or related themes
– tobacco use of any kind
– the simulation of news or an emergency
– material that directly advertises products to or is intended toattract
– children
– media or messages for or that reference “M” rated video games orcontent
– unreasonable, unlikely or extraordinary product or serviceclaims
– media messages or imagery that strobe or flash
– media or messages that contain unsubstantiated “miracle” weightloss or other miracle claims of cure
– advertising units that extend beyond the defined advertisingspace or interfere with the content or impact the readability ofthe content without user initiation
advertising units that do not retract to the defined advertisingspace upon user scroll off or contain a “close” or “X” for user toretract or close the ad unit/message after user initiation
– advertising units that mimic computer functions or deceptivelyindicate a computer or other function that would be reasonable tothe average user to assume as a reason to click the unit
– non-Sunvalley Communication branded, interactive media units withdata capture fields on any Sunvalley Communication editorial(non-sponsored)
non-Sunvalley Communication branded, interactive media units withpersonalized or diagnostic assessments

4. Advertisers must only offer products or services, which arereadily available for purchase at the advertised price (with notedtax and delivery fees). The Advertising must also clearly identifythe advertiser. Any Advertising that could be misconstrued aseditorial content will be clearly labeled as Advertising.

5. Sunvalley Communication recognizes and maintains a distinctseparation between advertising and sponsored content and editorialcontent. All Advertising, promotional, sponsored or marketingcontent on the Sunvalley Communication Network will be clearly andunambiguously identified. Sunvalley Communication will not allowany Advertising on the Sunvalley Communication Network that is notidentified with the label of “Advertisement.”

6. A click on an Advertisement may only link the end user to thethird-party advertiser’s site or to relevant sponsored content areaon a Sunvalley Communication Site.

7. Sunvalley Communication retains the exclusive right to determinehow any and all search results for specific information by keywordor topic are displayed on any Sunvalley Communication Site.Sunvalley Communication search results are not influenced based onmonetary incentives provided by Advertisers or Sponsors.

8. While third party (sponsor produced) content must adhere to thisAdvertising Policy, labeling of Sponsored Content on the SunvalleyCommunication Consumer Sites is governed by Our Sponsor Policy,which describes how we label information from our Sponsors and thesteps we take to help our end users understand the differencesbetween Sunvalley Communication content and Sponsored content.

9. As described in the “Ads by Google” hyper link in the Ads byGoogle section on our Sunvalley Communication Consumer Sites Searchpages, these “Ads by Google” are listings that have been purchasedby companies that want to have links to their sites appear adjacentto search results in response to specific terms. SunvalleyCommunication may receive payment from Google in connection withdisplaying the sponsored link results on the SunvalleyCommunication Consumer Sites. Content listed in search results isdisplayed with its source, e.g., “Sunvalley Communication News” or”Journal Article.” If Sponsored Content appears in the searchresults, it is labeled as “Sunvalley Communication Sponsor” or”Information from Industry” so that users can make informeddecisions about the content they wish to view. In addition,Sunvalley Communication provides a separate area on the searchresults page of the Sunvalley Communication Consumer Sites labeled”Sunvalley Communication Sponsors” in which sponsors andadvertisers may purchase space to list their content oradvertising. See Our Sponsors for more information.

10. Advertising on the Sunvalley Communication Professional Sitesmay not link directly to a registration/email capture page. Anyuser registration or email capture pages resulting from an ad clickon a Sunvalley Communication Professional Site must be, at minimum,two clicks away from the original Advertisement. The SunvalleyCommunication Professional Sites will not run Advertising thatrequires registration and/or log-in in order to view a significantportion of the content of the Advertising or the related site.Sunvalley Communication reserves the right to determine what levelis ‘significant’.

11. Sunvalley Communication reserves the right to reject, cancel,or remove at any time any Advertising from the SunvalleyCommunication Network for any reason and will provide prompt noticeto the advertiser upon rejection, cancellation, or removal of anyAdvertising, together with an explanation following the rejection,cancellation, or removal. Sunvalley Communication also reserves theright to determine the appropriate placement of the Advertising onthe Sunvalley Communication Network.

12. It is the Advertiser’s responsibility to comply with allapplicable domestic and foreign laws, including applicable laws andregulations of regulatory bodies. This includes pharmaceuticaladvertising to physicians and consumers that must comply with FDAguidelines for Direct to Physician (DTP) and Direct to Consumer(DTC) advertising. Sunvalley Communication will not monitorcompliance with applicable laws and regulations. However, SunvalleyCommunication reserves the right to review all Advertising forcompliance with applicable laws and regulations and, if SunvalleyCommunication becomes aware of any breach or potential breach ofany applicable law or regulation or of these guidelines, SunvalleyCommunication may remove the Advertising.

13. No Advertising on the Sunvalley Communication Network shallinclude any pixels, tags, flash containers or any other type ofinformation collection software code or shall place any beacons,cookies or other information collection devices on the browsers ofSunvalley Communication Users unless expressly approved in writingby Sunvalley Communication.

14. No Advertising will be allowed on the Sunvalley CommunicationNetwork that could injure the good name or reputation of SunvalleyCommunication or any Sunvalley Communication Site.

15. The Advertising and Promotions Policy applies to all sitesmanaged bu Sunvalley Communication.

Last update: May 16, 2011