Having advanced cancer is difficult for patients and their loved ones. But discussing the range of treatment options including palliative care with your doctor does not have to be. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has a new booklet to help patients with advanced cancer work with physicians to identify the best, individualized treatment plans.

The free booklet ?Advanced Cancer Care Planning,? available on ASCO?s patient website Cancer.Net, is what patients and families need to know about their choices when facing serious illness. It is designed to help initiate candid discussions with physicians about the range, risk and benefits of treatment options including palliative care options throughout the course of cancer.

?Conversations about individualized treatment options for advanced cancer are an integral part of the cancer care continuum. One goal of an oncologist is to help patients understand the types of care available for advanced cancer. Working together to plan a preferred course of treatment, therapy and managing symptoms can enhance the quality of life for patients and their loved ones,? said George W. Sledge, Jr. MD, President of ASCO.”

Cancer.Net Editor-in-Chief Diane Blum, MSW, Chief Executive Officer of the Lymphoma Research Foundation said, ?Because informed patient-doctor conversations are so important for quality cancer care, having physician-approved information will make it easier for patients to understand their options and better direct their own care.?

The New ASCO?s patient guide includes information on advanced cancer care treatment options, the role of the family and caregivers in treatment decisions, information on ways to cope and find support for patients with advanced cancer and questions to ask the doctor during the course of advanced cancer.

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Download a copy of the patient guide .

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