Immunovo BV, a new biotechnology company developing a novel technology platform for the creation of a new generation of immunotherapeutics, has secured seed funding from Biox Biosciences BV and LUPUS Ventures BV. Immunovo combines the most desirable features of synthetic immunogen development with the recent insights into mechanisms driving tumor growth and metastasis, to create highly specific and powerful in vivo therapeutic immune responses.

The technology involves the application of novel and proprietary techniques in synthetic immunogen development. Immunovo is a spin-out from Pepscan Therapeutics in Lelystad, The Netherlands. Its technology platform is based on the pioneering work of Pepscan’s founding scientist Professor Rob Meloen. The new company is managed by Dr. Joost van Bree (Chief Executive Officer) and Dr. Evert Jan Schenkelaars (Chief Medical Officer) and is based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

“We are truly excited to have created this exciting new company based upon such an innovative technology. Immunovo aims to develop its proprietary technology to create a pipeline of immunotherapeutic drugs which have the potential to be truly potent and effective medicines” said Joost van Bree.

As part of the seed funding, founding investors Jan van der Hoeven, Biox Biosciences and Cees de Wolff, Lupus Ventures, will join the Board of Directors.

“We are delighted about the prospect of creating a novel class of highly specific immunotherapeutics with a world class technology platform, and a very promising and well-filled product pipeline”, said Cees de Wolff from Lupus Ventures.

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Jan van der Hoeven from Biox Biosciences agrees: “Immunovo’s technologies have the potential to be truly transformational in enabling immunotherapy for highly unmet medical needs by combining the advantages of the company’s synthetic immunogens with powerful and safe immunostimulants”

Pepscan’s CEO Dr. Wim Mol mentions: “It is very satisfying to see another new company evolve from Pepscan’s research. We will continue to work with Immunovo to ensure that the benefits of this technology are realized as quickly as possible to improve human health”.

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