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Nerviano Medical Sciences?is the largest pharmaceutical R&D facility in Italy and one of the largest oncology-focused, integrated discovery and development companies in Europe.

The company benefits from the it’s long standing heritage of research and development performed on three key components of antibody drug conjugate (ADC) molecules: drug/payload,linker and targeting carrier. Direct experience includes:

  • Drug/Payload: toxins with different mechanism of action, including intercalating agents, microtubule binders, topoisomerase I inhibitors, DNA minor groove binders.
  • Linker: various linker molecules have been generated and characterized, including uncleavable and cleavable (acidic, proteolytic, redox cleavage).
  • Carrier: carriers include synthetic polymers and proteins.

Nerviano?s integrated Capabilities allow not only the discovery, synthesis and characterization of payloads and linkers, but also conjugation to carrier, and extensive characterization of the resulting conjugates, including affinity measurements, internalization testing, confirmation of antiproliferative activity in cells and efficacy testing in animal models, allowing selection of appropriate Product Candidates.

Viale Pasteur, 10
20014 Nerviano (MI)

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