There are two key facets to Allozyne?s?technology that enable the development of next generation Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs) including core expertise and IP covering both the site-specific incorporation of non-natural amino acids (NNAAs) into antibodies as well as the orthogonal chemistries that are highly specific for these NNAAs. These fundamental components of Allozyne’s?technology are compatible with virtually all linker and toxin types.

Allozyne’s approach offers the potential to create next generation ADCs that come with the following advantages:

  • First-in-class linker stability
  • Significantly broader therapeutic window than ADCs created using conventional conjugation chemistries
  • PK profile similar to parental antibody
  • Biophysical properties that reduce aggregate formation
  • Simplified and more efficient manufacturing processSite-specific bioconjugation to NNAAs recognized by FDA as a key next generation approach

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